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Agricultural Crimes Unit

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If you are having an issue involving livestock,
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(239) 477-1000

Agriculture Crimes Unit

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit has diverse and distinct responsibilities. In addition to investigating all agricultural crimes, the Agricultural Crimes Unit responds to reports of livestock theft, secures “at large” farm animals, investigates allegations of cruelty to or abuse of livestock, and responds to Florida Black Bear sightings. Members of the Agricultural Crimes Unit also issue warnings concerning flawed and damaged fencing that would permit the liberation of farm animals. Agricultural Crimes Unit can also assist in performing emergency repairs to open fencing. They also patrol all conservation and rural areas of the county while creating/implementing crime-prevention policies and programs and represent the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at agricultural associations and meetings.

An additional function the Agricultural Crimes Unit provides is maintaining inspections of citrus fruit haulers to ensure appropriate permits, licenses, and records are carried.

Technical Large Animal
Emergency Rescue Team

Agricultural Crimes Unit developed the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team, which includes multiple agencies from multi-county Region VI, including Lee, Highlands, Glades, Desoto, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota, Hendry, and Okeechobee counties. They are trained in lifting and hauling during large-animal extractions, animal first aid, large-animal behavior, and more.

Members of the unit perform all law enforcement tasks as required by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.